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Crystal Bytes
  • Crystal - built and tested with cooperative with community sponsorship
  • Crystal now available to all NZ schools.
  • Crystal manages your IAM, (SSO) and the provisioning of cloud services?
  • In the UFB cloud but struggling to manage IAM, single sign on (SSO) and the provisioning of cloud services. Try Crystal ?
  • Do you need your servers? How about more ICT power and service for less cost without those costly servers – try Crystal?
  • Want a simple solution to managing  your digital clouds- try Crystal
  • Teachers should be working with learners not getting frustrated with technology – try Crystal to manage your digital world of teaching and learning.


  • Word of mouth
  • References: Charles Newton, Warren Hall, Tim Harper and Mark Osborne.
  • Other in a ‘incidental” basis…
    • MLE groups
    • School visits
    • Interface magazine
    • MoE workshops
    • Conferences: ULearn


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