Crystal CV's
(still under completion)



  • Manager: Geoff Scrimgeour
  • Administration; Sharyn Scrimgeour
  • Engineer: Barry Benbow
  • Contractors Danny Hill (Windows architect)


  • InfoPOP is the registered owner of Crystal Identity (trademark)
  • Directors:: Geoff and Sharyn Scrimgeour

The Loop

  • The Loop was a high speed fibre network that ran across the of the South Island. with 60+ schools and over 20 000 user including tertiary institutions.
  • The Loop was the forerunner of the N4L.

Geoff Scrimgeour

  • Qualifications: Geoff Scrimgeour BSc, BEd, Dip Education and Teaching, CCNA instructor.
  • Work experience:
    • Registered teacher
    • 40 years teaching year 1-13
    • 15 year Principal
    • Manager of the Nelson Loop

Barry Benbow

  • Skills:
  • Work experience: 40 years of database management and development.


  • Innovative fibre network
  • Intranet

References (to be confirmed)

  • Charles newton
  • Tim Harper
  • Mark Osborne
  • Warren Hall

Reference schools (to be confirmed)

  • Nelson Girls (secondary)
  • Hampden Street (Primary)
  • Bohally (Intermediate)
  • Collingwood (Area school)
  • Lake Rotoiti (rural small school)