Why Crystal?
The brief and blunt version

... your school gets an educational IT server(s), services, support with all the bells and whistles (just like the Colleges) without having to pay for it.

Why... Crystal was built by the 'Top of the South" Loop. The Forerunner to the N4L with many years of development and experience.
What not use their experience and developmental tools and services... all you have to pay for is the operational expenses not R&D..

What ... actually does Crystal offer?

  • In its simple form Crystal takes users from your SMS and adds then to Google, 365, Google Classroom, Hapara, Moodle etc and sets up single sign on (SSO) for them all. All very ho-hum but this is what you pay for ;-) ... a solid reliable automatic provisioning and SSO (Single Sign On) system.
  • But wait! ... there is more ... a lot more ... and all free.
    • Full system logon system on a hosted remote server with top level security to protect your learner's digital identity meeting the new One Government TaaS standards.
    • Over 40 educational services and resources that can be automatically provisioned and accessed with a common user name and password (SSO) from anywhere in the world ... all within the control of the school.
    • A free Launch or Start web based menu with over 1000 of the most popular educational resources, available instantly, from anywhere and in complete security.
    • A free complete device management system including inventory, mobile device management, monitoring including weathermap's, BYOD management, job management, automatic wireless provisioning (no log on's needed) , inter-school wireless roaming, lost device tracking, user level web filtering including full network documentation allowing ITIL level 3 maintainence to occur remotely.
    • Full internal secure web based management systems including ...
      • Password management including SSO, Windows, Google and 365.
      • A full absolutely secure file storage system for those confidential files you would rather not see in the Cloud.
      • A free print management system (Papercut) which includes the latest Windows Print Server.
      • Free hosting of all these services on a full virtual server farm -making your school effectively serverless,
      • Linking of multiple learning databases to the user management system (called NetAdmin) creating a interoperable data environment. Databases include all the SMS's, AccessIt, Google, 365, EPIC, and the Launch menu.
      • The ability to read both intra-school and inter-school SMS's and timetable data structures which allows automatic building of intra and inter school services such as Hapara, shared libraries and easy Technical Centre management.
      • Free online training, videos and FAQs that help your ICT support Teachers Aide manage the network with lots of skilled oversight and expertise should they find themseleves unsure of what to do.

Ask? ...

  • Ask experienced educators not technicians for advice.
  • If you are offered a competitive alternative solution to Crystal then the offer must either ..
    • have a expensive server and support contact attached - ask the vendor for a guaranteed quote including support (no exceptions)
    • involve your overworked teachers or expensive tech support in hours of extra work
    • a return to the dark times without ICT learning support..

Warning ...

  • There is a good reason consultants want you to spend $ thousands on servers and their consultancy - because that is their profit.
  • Also be careful of luddites or stones ... they want to stay in the past and leave school at 3pm

When is Crystal is NOT right for you

  • Your school does not want to be part of the digital environment.
  • If your ICT direction is determined by your contracted ICT support not your 'Learning Leaders'.
  • Your school has a ridiculously large budget for ICT.
  • Your school wants their point of difference to be showroom technology rather than learning success.