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Long time- no catch up. ;-(

Since we last talked the Loop has effectively been taken over by the N4L.
I thought the Wellington Loop may be interested in a few of the consequences.

The Loop schools insisted that  we didn’t lose some of the old Loop services – especially those the N4L could not replace.
The N4L have been helping  us translate these services from layer 2 to layer 3 so they could run across the N4L – and incidentally across all of New Zealand schools.

We spun off a set of services we branded  “Crystal”.
This brand took all those extra Loop services, many that were based around SSO and provisioning and translated them to work across the N4L.. and at the same time we built in redundancy.
This has been very successful with no old Loop school dropping  any of these services … while pushing up for more goodies.

It is now time to offer these services to other N4L schools as we need a larger user base to make  Crystal really viable while fending off recent offers of a commercial take over.
BUT we are trying resist becoming too commercial and losing the Loop culture.
Interesting times.

The biggest  issue we have is the  ‘understanding’ by non-Loop schools.
They just haven’t been in the ultrafast environment long enough to recognise the ‘elephant in the room” – IAM.

This letter to yourself hoping that you could past the word (and this email)  amongst stakeholders in the Loop schools.

The official Crystal web site is here (Http://  which includes costs etc.
A quick reference to the services offered is here.
The document that ex-Loop schools seem to relate to is this email I sent to fringe Nelson Loop schools.

Would it possible for you to pass this email a to the stakeholders around the  Wellington Loop?
It would be great if you could support this venture.



Ex Nelson Marlborough Loop.

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